Upper Cervical Care

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is a strict discipline of chiropractic that focuses on the intimate relationship of the upper most bones in the neck (occ, C1, and C2) and their surrounding internal and external neurological counterparts. Upper Cervical Care began in 1930 by Bartlett Joshua (BJ) Palmer, who later became known as the developer of Chiropractic. The Upper Cervical spine consists of the only two bones which lack interlocking joints and a cervical disc. This gives the Upper Neck its great range of motion in both the "yes" and "no" motion. Our shoulder is set up very similar in that there is no bony locking mechanisms which give it great motion, but also makes it very prone to injury. The main support and stability of the upper neck is through multiple ligaments and muscles. This area of the spine has more sensory input back into the brain than any other area of the spine. The upper Cervical area also surrounds the area that connects the brain to the spinal cord, known as the brain-stem. The brain-stem originates higher in the skull, but many of its nuclei of origin extend down into the Cervical spine. Nearly every motor and sensory nerve have to travel through this very delicate area to send their vital life messages to every cell, tissue, and organ in the body.

As Upper Cervical Doctors, we make sure that this very delicate area of your spine is functioning at it's optimum. We don't rush into making a correction as THE WORK is very meticulous, in creating a formula for your tailor made problem. Tailor making your care is imperative as no two spines are the same! Highly specific laser aligned x-rays are conducted to make an analysis on this very vital relationship. These films allow for the doctor to utilize a system that will allow for a tailor made correction formula allowing him to utilize the best and most controlled force with out the need of quick snapping, popping and turning the neck. Corrections aren't made because you feel pain, or because you have an appointment. Corrections are only made when the body is in need of one. To make this delineation the Dr. utilizes state of the art infrared technology before ever correction, and after to make sure a correction was made. This technology, when utilized properly. Click Here for Rules. Gives the doctor information on how your nerve system is functioning. The doctor also utilizes a series of conventional tests if needed.