Laser Aligned Digital X-ray Certified Laser Aligned Digital X-ray

The Developer of chiropractic, B.J. Palmer stated that "Chiropractic is Specific or it is nothing" Specificity creates a knowing, not a guessing about ones health. Certified Laser aligned x-ray is a critical factor in knowing how to tailor make that perfect adjustment. Our system is equipped with an L-frame which creates certainty that every film that is taken is in proper alignment. The tilting bucky(film cassette holder) is created to allow for specialty films that only Upper Cervical Doctors take. A set of head clamps are utilized to center the head with the film as well as keeping the patient from making subtle movements. These small, yet critical factors is what helps Upper Cervical Doctor's get patients well that may have not had success in other health care facilities.

Laser Aligned Digital X-ray