Proper flow of traffic both to and from, travelling at the right speed to the right location allows for coordination/ease and on the road to health, in the picture to the left we have a road block creating stagnation or dis-ease. These cars like the messages from your brain will get to there destination very slowly causing impaired healing! Upper Cervical Doctors remove the road block to allow for proper function to be restored!

Upper Cervical HighwayUpper Cervical Wisconsin

As Upper Cervical Chiropractor's, we understand that the human body is a self healing organism. When we cut our finger our body sends thousands of messages to different parts of our body to go the site of injury. White blood cells come to fight off foreign invaders (bacteria, viruses, etc.) Red blood cells come to nourish the area with oxygen and vital nutrients. Platelets come to stop the leak by clumping together. We build a scab over the wound. Underneath the scab everyday those cells (your body) is working on creating new skin and repairing blood vessels and nerve endings. It is an amazing process, yet we don't even have to think about it. This entire process is controlled through messages being sent back and forth between cells and is controlled my our master control system, our nerve system. Many other examples can be given such as when we break a bone, or when we become pregnant and the body literally turns what you eat into a new living child over a period of 9 months.

You will notice that all of these processes whether healing or growing take time. As Upper Cervical Doctor's we respect that healing takes time. Just because you have symptoms does not mean you are not healing. It takes roughly a day to create new skin cells, 120 days to create new red blood cells, 12 months for bones, etc. All tissues heal at different rates. Once we are able to make sure that all road blocks to communication, through the nerve system, have been removed or reduced we can expect health. Of course we must also attend to the other pillars of health such as; the proper building blocks are being consumed through nutrition, exercise is conducted for efficiency of the cell, and proper rest is allowing for healing. Just because you have made an appointment does not mean that any therapy or adjustment needs to be conducted. Through a system of specific test and thermography we are able to detect whether a correction or adjustment needs to be administered. The goal after all is to hold the correction which allows for more time in healing.

As Upper Cervical Chiropractors, we have been trained to detect conditions and ailments that require medical attention. If we believe that other health care options need to be addressed first we will inform you so that you can make the best decisions for you and your families health.

Since the body is a self healing organism, we need to ask what controls and coordinates all the functions within the body? Nerves! Your nerves send impulses at up to 270 mph to instruct your body what to perform. Whether it is to run, walk, see, hear, touch, how fast for your heart to beat, how much oxygen is needed, how much insulin to make and secrete, the list goes on and on. If the body is functioning correctly at all times we call this ease or coordination. If the body starts to mal-function, be uncoordinated or have dis-ease we need to find out why.

At the base of the skull (weighing 10-15 lbs.) sits a two ounce bone referred to as C1 or Atlas. This bone is void of any locking mechanisms as well as cervical discs. This creates a joint that is very moveable, yet unstable relative to the rest of the spine. Physical stress, Emotional Stress, and Chemical Stress can all weaken the muscles and ligaments that are to stabilise the upper cervical (C1,C2, and Occiput) spine. When these muscle are no longer able to pull the bone back to its normal location we end up with a road block which slows down the vital energy coming from the brain to the body to allow for the coordination and healing to take place. The second thing that occurs is body imbalance. The body has a righting reflex to keep the eyes level with the horizon, which in turns creates a short leg, high shoulder and compensatory misalignments through out the entire spine causing premature degeneration, pain and discomfort.

It is our job as Upper Cervical Doctors to detect, analyse, and correct these road blocks to allow for normal healing to take place. The spine then returns to a more balanced state, removing pressure, and reducing or eliminating pain. Once this area is again stable we incorporate certain exercises to help strengthen the integrity of the entire spine, so that you may hold your corrections for longer durations.