Upper Cervical Care


Date: January 24, 2014 | Time: 1:54pm | Posted By: Clark Benson

I found this to be very fitting in our current state of health as a nation. Hundreds of patients have came to me suffering from a very unknown, yet very significant impediment to their ability to heal. It is called a subluxation. It can occur at any and all stages of life. It may occur from a simple slip, a fall, or at birth. The very same force that keeps you alive, heals you! .... <view entire article>


Date: October 30, 2013 | Time: 1:52pm | Posted By: Clark Benson

"Can you help me with my headaches?"Patient enters the office: Can you help me with my headaches. I have been experiencing debilitation headaches for 3 years. I have been down every avenue I can think of and have had minimal to no results. I have been popping Ibuprofen for the last 3 years 800 mg 3 times daily, I take aspirin as well. I take muscle relaxers 3 times daily, high blood pressure medication, headache medication. The.... <view entire article>