UPPER CERVICAL CAREThe reasons why you haven't heard of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care may be multiple. The main reason is that there is only 1,500 qualified highly trained and specific doctors that have devoted there lives to mastering the art, science, and philosophy needed to conduct such procedures. Many of these Doctors flock to high population areas and become hidden by the multitudes of other natural health care providers. Politics, advertising laws, the current understanding of health and many more reasons may top the list. It may be that you just never needed one before, maybe your primary physician did not know the benefits and the incredible power of Upper Cervical Care, maybe there is not a practitioner in your area.

Upper Cervical Care has been around since the early 1930's. It was developed by Dr. B.J. Palmer in Davenport, IA and was heavily researched for over 20 years. During the years of research B.J. Palmer had multiple students, of which three would later refine and further research Upper Cervical Care. These three were Grostic, Blair, and Sherman. Now there is multiple Upper Cervical Procedures with slight differences.

If you haven't heard of the amazing benefits of Upper Cervical Care I suggest you check out the videos, links, and the rest of our website as you or someone you know needlessly suffering may be able to find help in their own back yard.