Jim McMahon and IGAT

It is to my understanding that Jim McMahon's case was complicated. In Jim's specific case was under the patent pending work (IGAT) of upper cervical chiropractor Scott Rosa D.C. BCAO. Dr. Rosa's image guided atlas treatment (IGAT) is different than that of the work utilized in less complicated cases. However, both corrections are conducted using the Atlas Orthogonal instrument. This instrument was developed by Dr. Roy Sweat. Atlas Orthogonal and NUCCA (national upper cervical chiropractic association) were both spin offs of Grostic technique, which is now Orthospinology.

In no way shape or form does Dr. Benson or the Spinal Institute of Health perform Dr. Rossa patent pending analysis and proceedure (IGAT). However Dr. Clark Benson D.C is certified in Atlas Orthogonal, Orthospinology, Blair Upper Cervical Specific, and B.J. Palmer Upper Cervical Specific (HIO).

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